Maine Line Magazine Archive Volume 31

1984 brought Volume 31 to the Maine Line and represents the first full volume with the 'new' standard cover design. This consists of a background color, an image with a border around it of a different color and a header using the triangle logo for the A in Maine. This would be the last volume that the Maine Line actually met its quarterly publication goal, with four issues in a single volume. Financially, 1984 looks better than 1983, but not excellent. Bus service ceased in January, the attempt to haul fresh potatoes via a dedicated multi-railroad piggyback train failed in February. Oakfield operations were shuttered and Millinocket became the operational hub. The BARCO credit union was doing quite well for itself. New (to the B&A at least) locomotives began to appear. Welded rail was installed as were ties and a new machine for ditching was put into service. It was not all bad, but the editorials from President Walter E. Travis did not indicate overflowing optimism either. 

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Winter 1984 

Spring 1984 

Summer 1984Seventh issue with a color photo on the cover

Fall 1984