April Fools Day Pranks

Well folks, I admit it. I have a weird sense of humor and like to play the occasional trick on people. Using the skills, photo collection and website I have developed here to support the Maine Line, I occasionally like to have a bit of fun by letting my creative (fictional) writing side out. Here are the April Fools Day prank issues I've released. Despite the tongue-in-cheek creative writing, I really do enjoy these issues as they let me do a little fiction in a serious world.




Maine Central Messenger



A re-colored actual cover from the actual Maine Central Messenger, combined with photos pulled from the collection resulted in a cover that, frankly, fooled many!


Aroostook Interurban



As far as I know, there was never a magazine / newsletter put out by the Aroostook Valley. This one was created out of thin air, borrowing a Maine Central font (which is a very close match for the AVR that appeared on the 44 tonners) colors from the 44 tonners as well and here we have the Interurban's first issue