Past Issues



Spring 2024

In this issue we discuss the past that did not happen, a vacation spot and an old lantern. All this and more in the Spring 2024 Maine Line!


Winter 2024

In this issue of the Maine Line we announce what might be the most significant historical addition to the Bangor and Aroostook's preservation. Enjoy that and a lot more!




Fall 2023

In this issue of the Maine Line we discuss Operation Lifesaver's introduction to Maine, the recent history of the property at 90 Diesel Shop Road and much more! Enjoy!



Summer 2023

In this 'Summer Vacation' issue of the Maine Line we get a deep dive into the photo archives that help make this magazine possible. Rare and never before seen photos of the Bangor and Aroostook in Summer are available for you to view. Enjoy!



Special Report: May 2023 - BL-2 #52 Runs again!

In this special report we showcase #52's cross continent journey (twice!) to its new home in Indiana and announce that it is running again! Lots of details about this successful story of preservation are inside! Enjoy!



Spring 2023

The last issue of the fifth year of the re-born Maine Line Magazine contains a variety of articles about the B&A from all sorts of places! Enjoy!



Winter 2023

Released on January 8, 2023 - 20 years to the day from the last day of operations of the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad. The Maine Line takes you back to the last days of the B&A in this special tribute issue.

Gone - but not forgotten!



Fall 2022

In this issue of the Maine Line we present the first issue written nearly entirely by children. With articles ranging from date nails to boxcars and the details of one of the B&A's turntables moving to a new home for preservation! All this and more!


Winter 2022

This issue of the Maine Line takes us all the way from Indiana to Stockholm, Maine including a personal account from a B&A railroader about his first day! All this and more!



Fall 2021

This issue of the Maine Line takes us from Caribou, Maine to the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean along with gift ideas for the B&A fan and more in our series on the the Tri-color paint scheme. All this and more! 


Summer 2021

30 years after the 100th anniversary celebration of the B&A, we look back at the summer of 1991 and the 30 years since! All this and more!


Spring 2021

In this issue we have an eBay Mystery, the digging out of the Fort Fairfield branch and the first in our series of articles called Three Ring Color Circus. All this and more in this issue with the 'Tri-Cover'!


Winter 2021

In this issue of the Maine Line we talk about the Last B&A steam locomotive (its not what you think!) and a military move through Maine and its relationship to the B&A. All this and more! 



Fall 2020

In this issue we bring you the story of the roadrunner catching a train and photos of Bangor and Aroostook locomotives as far away as British Columbia! All this and more!


Summer 2020

In this issue we hear about a clock that survived the B&A, the 40th anniversary of the 557 being named The American Railfan and more!


Spring 2020

This issue is all about the recent history of the Bangor and Aroostook, including Central Maine and Quebec's B&A heritage unit and the story behind this one of a kind paint scheme. All of this and more!


Winter 2020

In this issue of the Maine Line we discuss the Red White and Blue boxcars of the B&A and there many variations and how this iconic paint scheme survived the B&A's demise! We also discuss a B&A family and a friend of the railroad in Iowa! All this and more!



Fall 2019

Some of the most devoted fans of the B&A are those who model it. In this issue we take you from HO all the way to models you can ride on - from modelers in Maine - all the way to Finland in this issue all about modeling the B&A!


Summer 2019

This issue brings us the efforts of one man to bring a little more color into the world. Along with a behind the scenes trip to Derby Shops and photos of the B&A by a Canadian photographer. All this and more! 


Spring 2019

This issue of the Maine Line brings us the story of how two Bangor and Aroostook F3s came to wear Lackawanna railroad paint and reside at Steamtown in Scranton, PA. Told by the people that made it happen, this is a success story of historical railroad preservation!


Winter 2019

In this issue of the Maine Line we are all about BL-2s! From one in Pennsylvania, to one in New York State this issue tells the story of BL-2s that survived the B&A's demise




Fall 2018

28 years after the last issue of the Maine Line produced by the railroad featured Oakfield on the cover, we return to Oakfield in this issue dedicated to the people behind the Oakfield Railroad Museum



June 2018

Premiere Issue of the re-born Maine Line Magazine! 

In this issue we profile one man who is painstakingly restoring some of the Maintenance of Way equipment that once belonged to the B&A!