Maine Line Magazine Archive Volume 21

1973 was an interesting year on the Bangor and Aroostook. It was not the worst year financially, that having been in the recent past, but it was not terribly good either. The fresh potato traffic that had been the lifeblood was both down from the highs of a couple of decades earlier but up from the low point a couple of years earlier. Overall the railroad was better off than in 1971 and 1972. The last two issues of Volume 21 go from the two month per issue standard to quarterly - three months per issue and Volume 6 takes us into 1974. The covers vary in style, from photos inset on white covers, graphics, full size photos with titles over the photos. 

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January - February 1973 

March - April 1973 

May - June 1973Last Editorial from Alan G. Dustin - Executive Vice President

July - August 1973First Editorial from Walter E. Travis

September - October - November 1973 

December 1973 - January - February 1974