Maine Line Magazine Archive Volume 11

1963 represents a return to a magazine format, starting with Issue 2. However, instead of the 4x6 format of old, we come back with a larger 8.5 x 11 size we would normally associate with a magazine. There was no January - February 1963 issue and no note about that in the March - April issue. This did however have the effect of resetting the volume number to correspond with the calendar year. Issue 6 is now the last issue of the year, November - December. In the past the November - December issue was the first issue of each volume. 

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November - December 1962Last issue produced in the Newspaper format

March - April 1963First issue in the 8.5 x 11 inch format - Unique header size and color combination. Issues that followed would show a full page photo with smaller logo and that logo would contain the red band found in the logo used elsewhere. It appears gray in this header

May - June 1963 

Fall 1963Issues 4 and 5 combined as Fall

November - December 1963