Maine Line Magazine Archive Volume 19

1971 was a bit of a relief for the railroad. Financially, things were better in 71 than in 70. This was not without some unhappy news - the announcement of 70 jobs being eliminated was in the first issue for the year. Safety awards were handed out both to the railroad and individual departments. Emphasis was put on the need for transportation reform - not just on the cover of issue 5. The railroad gets a new logo - but at the same time has to look very hard at what used to be the bread and butter of the railroad's business - Potatoes. Slashing rates to entice people back to shipping by rail was announced in the last issue for the year. 

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January - February 1971 

March - April 1971 

May - June 1971Premiere of the 'triangle logo' 

July - August 1971 

September - October 1971 

November - December 1971