Maine Line Magazine Archive Volume 7

Volume 7 of the Maine Line contains some confusing elements. Issue 4, May-June was simply not published. Issue 5 contains the following statement on page 46: "Publication of the May-June issue of MAINE LINE was suspended as an economy measure..." As a result, the fourth issue is in fact number 5 and for reasons not explained nor done anywhere else in the history of the Maine Line, we have an Issue 7. Issue 7 appears in bound copies of the Maine Line as part of Volume 8, where issue one should be and Volume 8 officially started with Issue 2. From the benefit of decades of time later, these inconsistencies are maddening and leave one questioning what happened. We simply do not know. 

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November - December 1958 

January - February 1959 


July - August 1959Note the new version of the Keystone - now with the red, white and blue backing lines

September - October 1959 

November - December 1959