Maine Line Magazine Archive Volume 20

Volume 20 Issue 4 represents a quarterly issue - yet - then in Issue 5, we return to a two month issue. The sequence however has been altered and December is never mentioned. Volume 21 starts with January of 1973, leaving a gap. The cover format is essentially the same across all six issues, with a reverse of the 'triangle' logo being used on the white covers. We see the new logo on each issue, but the covers show all the major styles we have seen to date - white with a smaller photo, full black and white photo, black and white with a colored section and full color. 

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January - February 1972 

March - April 1972 

May - June 1972 

July - August - September 1972Debut of the 'Tri-color' paint scheme - Second Full color photo on the cover of a Maine Line - first on Volume 2 Issue 1

October - November 1972