Maine Line Magazine Archive Volume 10

The first, and only, full volume of the Maine Line to be printed in a News Print format. The Maine Line News header was used throughout this volume. 

This volume of the Maine Line News depicts a railroad which is doing well. Years will pass before the potato haul is lost, things are good on the Bangor and Aroostook. Locomotives are being rebuilt, equipment is being purchased, cars are being rebuilt or converted to specialized use. One of the issues features the announcement that the Bangor and Aroostook Highway Division had just been awarded a contract to haul US Mail, via truck. The same issue contains an article about how the railroad is winning back freight that had gone to truck. Thus is the contrast of the railroad in the early 1960s. 

This entire volume appears courtesy of the Maine State Library and we thank them, specifically Adam Fisher, for their efforts to maintain the history of this publication!

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November - December 1961 

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