Maine Line Magazine Archive Volume 26

1978 was looking pretty good coming out of 1977. Forecasts were good, things were maybe not great, but good. Then Great Northern Paper stopped production for two months due to a strike. Perhaps more than any other single event in the railroad's history up to that point, it was quite clear that, to butcher an old phrase about Maine - "So goes Great Northern Paper, so goes the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad!" According to one editorial, 60% of carloads and 50% of the profit for the entire railroad was associated with GNP. The 'Potato Road' was now the 'Paper Road'. In an odd twist of production - the first and fourth issues of Volume 26 are both 'Spring' issues, but of different years. The now familiar cover header format (save for the extremely short Summer 1978 issue) is used for the third volume in a row. 

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Spring 1978 

Summer 1978Shortest issue of the Maine Line ever released

Winter 1978 - 1979 

Spring 1979